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  • Sales & Marketing, Rental and Sales billing

    Sales Modules to store all sales data, short-term/long-term lease including floor/site plan data, unit prices, reservation system, double booking protection, lease extension, billing schedule, terms of payment and other related documents such as discount, payment scheme, agent commission, cancellations and billing process.

  • Casual Leasing

    This module performs area data management for casual leasing including lease agreement, exhibition, signage and billboards as well as security deposits and renewal management.

  • Account Receivable

    This module records Account Receivables such as multi Payment Account Receivable, Rejection and Replacement of Giro Cheque, Billing Allocation, Appropriations, Penalty System, Facilities Termination Invoice, and other recorded billings.

  • Account Payable

    This module records Accounts Payable such as invoices, Debt addendum, invoice adjustment, billing history, proof of returned deposits,aging and debt cards, combined receipts and maturity rescheduling.

  • Fixed Asset

    This module records Asset Specification data, Depreciation System, Market Value Update, Procurement Procedures, Retirement and Borrow &Use Procedures.

  • Cash Book

    This module records transfers between accounts, Receipts & Disbursements, replacement, clearing and release of giro cheque, Bank's Cash In & Out Transaction, Petty Cash Management, Ledger Accounts, Bank Administration, Bank Interests, etc.

  • General Ledger

    This module records various data from General Ledger for projects financial reporting and projects consolidation report.

  • Foundation / Basic Module

    Each epro program has a standard module to manage user accessibility, password, double login mechanism, audit trail, export function, remote data entry and reporting system.

  • Sub-Contractor Management , budget monitoring (SPK)

    This module performs management planning for development process such as project budgeting, work order request for subcontractors, budget and payment control as well as field progress control.

  • Mortgage Management

    This module performs mortage data management for landed and hi-rise residential as well as other long-term loans starting from document checking phase, filing process, approvals, other mortgage related reports, maturity notices, temporary receipts , tax invoice and certificate of withholding tax.

  • Tenancy

    Tenancy Module relates to tenant information, service charge, utility charge, sinking fund, discount control, deposits, facilities termination and invoicing process.

  • Land Acquisition

    This module perfoms land unit availability including site plan data recording, legal certificate status monitoring, certificate obtainment process and effective ground area calculation.

  • Legal Processing(Bank Leasing Management)

    This module performs document management for Building Permit (IMB) and Fees for Acquisition of Rights to Lands and Buildings (BPHTB), records cancellation process, dual filing control, process cost realization, cash advance and bank retention.

  • Building Maintenance

    This module records maintenace data including Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, data Customer Complain, Work Request schedule and status.

  • Inventory

    This module records inventory data, stock card, stock control, inventory settings for Multi Warehouse as well as inventory pricelist.

  • Purchasing

    This module records data purchase request, purchase order with multi Purchase Request and multi Purchase Order.

  • Budget Control

    Interconnected system between budgeting and accounting chart, with approval system alert for overbudget case. Stock visualization with coloration system to ease stock checking process, which provides possibility for real-time transaction with real-time stock updates.

  • Prospect Analyst

    This module helps your company to analyze prospect data to boost management easily decide its best marketing strategy.

  • Commission

    This module helps your company to calculate, control and pay sales commission either for internal or external agent.

  • Procurement

    This module helps your company to easily control purchase requisition, purchase order and inventory which are integrated with your payment control to each vendor.

  • KPR / KPA

    This module helps your company to easily tracking each customer process of asking bank loan at buying your property.

  • Meter Utility

    This module helps your company to easily calculate each tenant billing in term of service charge, electricity or water, gas, or etc.

  • Cashier

    This module helps your company to easily record each customer payment from many resources. Virtual account will be the greatest solution for your income control.

  • Leasing

    This module helps your company to easily approach with your prospect by using letter of offering and create contract based on latest agreement and boost your decision in creating its best marketing strategy.

  • Collections

    This module helps your company to easily monitor each customer account and remind them about their payment using email blast or sms blast.



Fully integrated software start from property development to property management system.

Efficient Cost

Affordable cost for connecting data between office and project

Unlimited User

Adding more user into the software is completely free of charge

Sms Blast & Email Blast

These features provide customer relationship management and direct report to user and management

Agent Interface

Property Agent can easily sell and book the property unit with an authorized access

Integrated with e-SPT

Integrated with Indonesian Tax System.

Audit Trail

All user activities are recorderd by system with non removable record.

Easy Reporting

Reports are easily downloaded to excel for easy report adjustment or analysis with no risk of disorganized data

User Management

Managing each user access and priviledge is completely easy.

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TreePark City Apartment

TreePark City merupakan proyek baru dari Pohon Group yang berada di daerah Cikokol. Sebagai perusahaan yang ingin mensukseskan sistem kontrol penjualan dan keuangan, TreePark City telah didukung oleh software eProperty yang telah terintegrasi.


eProperty Software is built by our company with unique ideas and powerful solutions and has been in the business of providing solutions since 1996.

Property Development

The best software for Property Developer to manage your property launching, sales, customer, supplier, project costing, cash flow, and data consolidation of all project.

Property Management

The best software for Property Management to manage your tenant, leasee, asset of your building (property) operation and data consolidation of all project.


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